Another Christmas Song For A Good Cause
By Phoebe Bridgers

Folks are currently gettinginto the holiday spirit. Phoebe Bridger recently sang in a Christmas song for a good cause.

A California judge recently dismissed a nearly $4 million lawsuit against Bridgers before being filed by a Los Angeles producer.

“I had nothing to say on Christmas day,” Bridgers sings in the opening line" Bridgers sang to set the tone. 

Bridger will donate the funds raised to the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center, which aids health-related organizations and people living with HIV.

So Much Wine is the sixth installment of Bridgers' holiday covers. Last summer, she released a video of Tom Waits  Day After Tomorrow.

Bridgers has previously released covers of Christmas songs such as Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

The 28-year-old Grammy award-winning performer is set to open a franchise in New Zealand and Australia in early spring.

The cover features contributions from Bridges' fianc Paul Mescal, plus Marshall Vore, Harrison Whitford, and Sebastian Steinberg. Andrew Bird provides vocals, violin, and whistling.